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Types of sports medals – the latest trends!

The burgeoning sports industry not only influences the growing number of sports events, but also changes all branches: from the development of technology and equipment, through the constantly better results achieved by contestants, up to the novelties of sports fashion. The development has also influenced sports medals, which are no longer just gold, silver or […]

Sports medal – how to design a medal for an event?

Sports medals are one of the elements that influence the image of organized competitions. A suitable design will not only attract additional competitors who would like to win it but also draw attention of the media and the public. How to design a sports medal which, apart from being a prize for the participants, will […]

Custom made commemorative medals – how to create a project?

Commemorative medals are medals that not only memorialize anniversaries, events or people, but also serve as trademarks of persons, companies and institutions that issue and give these medals. This is why it is important that the design of medals should be exceptional, unique and prepared in accordance with our expectations. The solution here is to […]


MCC METAL CASTS at the ISPO 2018 – invitation

We wish to invite all those who are interested in the offer provided by MCC METAL CASTS to come to Munich on 28th -31st January 2018 and attend ISPO 2018. Once again our company will be present at this largest fair for the representatives of the sports industry.