Metal badge pins – types of fasteners

Metal badge pins – types of fasteners [examples]

Metal badge pins with company logos are products that are very often used as an element which helps to transform every outfit into a representational one.What makes metal badge pins the choice of customers is not only their low price, but also the fact that they can discreetly change almost any outfit. At MCC Medale we produce custom-made metal badge pins for companies as well as for institutions which want to ensure the proper exposure of their brand. One of the most common questions that arises during the cooperation is how the pins are fastened to a piece of clothing.

Badge pins with a needle and a butterfly clutch

One of the most popular types of metal badge pins are those that are fastened with a butterfly clutch. Pins are clipped to the surface of a garment and then they are secured with a butterfly clutch placed on the inner side, so the pin will not fall out. The advantage of this solution is, above all, the fact that once a pin is clipped on, it stays in place all the time. It is also very easy to clip it on and out at will. The downside is that needle pins can leave small dentures in some kinds of fabrics. One of the limitations is also due to the length of the needle pin, which will work well with fabrics that are not very thick.

Screw back metal badge pins

Screw back badge pins are an alternative solution for people looking for custom-made badge pins that are to be fastened to thicker materials such as natural leather, leatherettes or multilayer fabrics. This type of fastening ensures the user that the thickness of the fabric is not a problem. Screw back badge pins are fixed in the pre-punched hole and tightened with a nut to the inner side of a fabric. Screw back badges are extremely popular, especially among motorcycle fan clubs, since they can be attached not only to leather belts, vests and jackets, but also, for example, to motorcycle components. A disadvantage of screw back badge pins is the necessity of punching a small hole for fastening, which is why we especially recommend this type of pins in cases where the pins are placed permanently.

Safety pins

 One of the last proposals of badge pins fixed by invasive method (affecting the structure of the fabric) which we offer our customers are badge pins with a safety pin. Unlike the previous ones, safety pins are secured against falling out on the same side of the fabric that the pin is fixed to. Unfortunately, this solution also has its weaknesses, which include, above all, the fact that the pins attached in this way do not adhere tightly to the fabric.

Magnetic badge pins

 The last of the solutions proposed by our company are magnetic badge pins. Badge pins with this type of fastening have two magnets – one glued to the badge pin and the other one that attaches the badge pin to the inner side of a piece of clothing. This kind of solution is chosen by those who do not want to interfere with the structure of a fabric. However, attaching a badge pin with a magnet can cause a lot of problems. If the fabric is thick or subjected to strong forces, the magnets can detach from each other.No matter what type of fastener you choose, our company will produce custom-made metal badge pins for you, in accordance with your expectations. If in doubt, we will advise which solution will be the most beneficial for you. Click on the button below to find out more about our custom-made badge pins offer: