MCC Metal Casts - lapel pins producer

Custom-made lapel pins – specification

MCC Metal Casts lapel pins are cast from a zinc alloy. Their dimensions vary from 1 cm to 5 cm. We make our pins in three basic antique or glossy finishes: gold, silver and bronze.  Different elements can be coated with coloured enamels.

Every pin is made and based on an individual 2D or 3D design developed by our graphics team. When ordering MCC Metal Cast pins you can be sure that each design will be unique and exceptional. Pins can be a great idea for a gift promoting a company, sports club, association or as a commemorative gift from a place or event.

Type of pins that we produce:

Classic Pins

All kind of shapes finished in one metal colour.

Enameled Pins

Casted metal pins covered with colourful enamels.

3D Sticker Pins

Metal pins with colourful 3D stickers.

Examples of lapel pins made by MCC Metal Casts:

Classic Pins

Classic pins are a solution for people who appreciate subtle elegance. Custom-made, metal-colored pins highlight the character of traditional companies and organizations. Metal pins in their classic form look great on formal outfits, for example in the suit flap.


Enameled Pins

Enamel metal pins are the solution for that companies wich have colorful logos. Thanks to the use of special enamels we are able to give different colours for each part of the pins. This makes the pins more visible and it draws more attention. Enamelled pins are the most common choose for large events like trade fairs.


3D Sticker Pins

Badges with 3D sticker are recommended especially for those who care about small, detailed elements of the logo or information that can not be reproduced in the casting. Metal pins with a three-dimensional sticker are the best solution to this type of situation.


Additional services

Printed pin cards

Printed cards offered by MCC Metal Casts are fully customizable cards that can be fitted to ordered lapel pins. Both sides are printable.

This solution is prepared for customers who would like to order lapel pins for special occasions. To order printed cards ask about them our customer service.

Cases for lapel pins

On special request it is possible to place metal pins produced by MCC Medals in a decorative case.

The case is a solution that we offer especially to customers whose pins are to be used as a gift for important personalities or a memorabilia of events.

If you want to put the ordered pins in a decorative case, ask for this solution when contacting our representatives.

Lapel pins – buy directly from the manufacturer

We are a production company which have own machine park. The entire production process is done in our factory in the center of Poland. That’s why our custom-made lapel pins are of high quality and we are able to deliver them in a short time – even in 3 weeks! Use the button below to send an offer request: