Commemorative coins – specification

We use two techniques to make MCC Metal Casts commemorative coins. They can be either metal cast (zinc alloy) or stamped in brass, aluminium or copper. Depending on the technique, the coin diameter ranges from ca. 1.5 cm to 5 cm. Cast coins are available in three basic antique finishes – gold, silver and bronze, while coined coins are available in a shiny finish.  Different parts of the coins can be coated with coloured enamels. Every coin is made and based on an individual 2D or 3D design developed by our graphics team. Customised commemorative coins are a perfect way to honour employees, members of associations or clients. They can also be used as a souvenir to remember an anniversary or promote an important place.

Types of coins

Metal cast


Examples of metal cast commemorative coins made by MCC Metal Casts:

Examples of stamped commemorative coins made by MCC Metal Casts:

Additional services

We offer a wide range of boxes and cases for commemorative coins. The cases can be made of plastic, wood or textile fabric. They are available in several colours.

Coins – buy directly from the manufacturer

We are a production company which have own machine park. The entire production process is done in our factory in the center of Poland. That’s why our custom-made coins are of high quality and we are able to deliver them in a short time – even in 3 weeks! Use the button below to send a offer request: