2D and 3D medals casted by MCC Metal Casts

2D and 3D products – differences between cast medals

It has been a long time since custom made casts ceased to be pieces of metal with uninteresting shapes and boring patterns. The development of production techniques and design has contributed to the fact that more and more often casts are works of art in their own right. Read more
Commemorative medals – examples of use

Commemorative medals – examples of use

Companies more and more often choose commemorative medals. This prestigious souvenir is used not only to celebrate anniversaries, but also to commemorate important events or as a gift for employees or customers.

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Custom made commemorative medals creating

Custom made commemorative medals – how to create a project?

Commemorative medals are medals that not only memorialize anniversaries, events or people, but also serve as trademarks of persons, companies and institutions that issue and give these medals. This is why it is important that the design of medals should be exceptional, unique and prepared in accordance with our expectations. The solution here is to order custom made commemorative medals, but how to choose the right project? Read more