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We have already shipped orders to 32 countries
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Personalised pin badge, sports medal and award medal

Reasonable price

A modern production line allows us to us offer reasonable prices regardless of quantities being ordered.

Free design service

We will prepare a free-of-charge project for you, and the visualisation will be developed fast.

Fast execution

Sometimes a product is ready, just 8 days after accepting a design order!

We are a leading producer of personalised medals and commemorative distinctions

Metal Casts is a producer of customised medals and other cast products, known for having been a successful cast product market player for several years. Our activity involves making and selling sport and commemorative medals, pins, including the metal ones, commemorative coins, orders, distinctions, and also keyrings. As a medal-casting company, we can also make other cast products cast, among others, advertising and marketing gadgets and also such as serving the purpose of entertainment.

As a maker of sport, commemorative and souvenir medals, we have successfully completed thousands of projects; our expertise, and also experience, acquired over the years, allow us to offer you a number of products, which stand out owing to the highest standard of workmanship. Today, our company is perceived as a leading maker of sport medals and distinctions, and our customers include top domestic and foreign brands.

Man years of experience, and also a well-equipped production line, allows us to offer you varied cast products. Our offer includes:

All our medals which are customised and other products are cast of Zamac. This metal alloy of zinc and aluminium is distinctly plastic, owing to which we are able to ensure that our medals and other products come in original shapes. A high strength of the alloy, in combination with a special galvanic coating, protect our castings from corrosion and abrasive wear.

Every order is prepared on the basis of the design either sent by you or developed by our graphic designers, owing to which fact you can rest assured your product will be unlike any other. For several years, we have been employing artists whose works honour the greatest sport and cultural events. Choose the castings of MCC Metal Casts, and you′ll gain access to experience, acquired by our team for all the years of its activity in the casting industry.

Modern machinery allows us to ensure the perfect quality of castings, appreciated not only in Poland, but also elsewhere. It allows us as well to process your order in a short time, dependent, among others, on a design complexity. Our standard is to complete all jobs within 8 days.

Metal Casts can feel proud of its tradition, and also of treating medal-making as a great passion rather than just as a source of income. Perhaps, this is the reason why so many Customers trust us, and their number is growing all the time. Please, feel invited to cooperate with a Polish maker of medals!

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Frequently asked questions

An order price depends on many factors, therefore, we do not apply a fixed price list; yet, our customer service department will make sure that a price estimation is provided as soon as possible. A final price is always dependent on: a number of pieces, kind of design, degree of complexity and finishing.

They are always free-of-charge for all our customers. All it takes is to accept a price estimation, and our professional graphic department will develop a design or adjust your idea to technical requirements.

We′ll need a product description and information about the number of pieces to be ordered (even approximate will do). The inquiry, together with attached files, can be sent to us with the use of a price estimation form, our homepage or, traditionally, using email. Please, don’t hesitate to address us with your inquiry – providing price estimation is always free.

Of course. All it takes is to send us your own design or a draft with a description, and we′ll a free-of-charge visualisation, which then we′ll able to make in our company as a metal casting.

It depends on a few factors, yet, the standard time for making a medal is 8 days since accepting our free-of-charge visualisation and placing a confirmed order.

Apart from medals (sport and commemorative), we′re proud as well of our pins, keyrings, commemorative coins, dog tags, statuettes, magnets, and also other cast metal products, which are difficult to classify. All our cast products are customised and always according to an individual and free-of-charge design for every single customer.

Medals, and also our products of our company, are made with the use of metal casting technology. This is the main production process in our use, and, owing to our experience, it is offered to Customers at a reasonable price. Another asset of ours is excellent order processing time – just 14 days since the day of placing an order. We can also mint, e.g. coins, and, in the case of greatest orders, to use high-pressure die casting.

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