MCC Medale becomes the official supplier of Polish Canoe Federation

MCC Medal Casts became the official supplier of medals for the Polish Canoe Federation. In the season 2018 the medal manufacture will deliver sports medals for the most important events. Read more

Students of one of the Warsaw’s high schools are so much fascinated by the history of Ignacy Domeyko and Władysław Wagner. They decided to explore new informations and facts about the famous Poles. That’s why in August they begun a phased expedition around the world. They are going to visit 11 countries.

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Medals cases for Polish Handball Federation

2018 is a very special year for Polish sport. Handball celebrates the 100TH anniversary of its presence in Poland. Our company will be responsible for preparing medals for Polish Handball Federation dedicated to commemorate this jubilee.

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Two-piece sports medals – unique solution by MCC Metal Casts

We know that our customers expect from us project implementations that are characterised by the highest level of quality. This is why at MCC Metal Casts we constantly develop our production techniques. We are also expanding the range of products and available solutions. One of our last proposals is two-piese sports medals.

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2D and 3D medals casted by MCC Metal Casts

It has been a long time since custom made casts ceased to be pieces of metal with uninteresting shapes and boring patterns. The development of production techniques and design has contributed to the fact that more and more often casts are works of art in their own right.

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Commemorative medals – examples of use

Companies more and more often choose commemorative medals. This prestigious souvenir is used not only to celebrate anniversaries, but also to commemorate important events or as a gift for employees or customers.

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Metal badge pins – types of fasteners

Metal badge pins with company logos are products that are very often used as an element which helps to transform every outfit into a representational one.

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types of sports medals

The burgeoning sports industry not only influences the growing number of sports events, but also changes all branches: from the development of technology and equipment, through the constantly better results achieved by contestants, up to the novelties of sports fashion. The development has also influenced sports medals, which are no longer just gold, silver or bronze discs. Read more

Advertising pins

Although modern marketing is what drives the companies more and more often, traditional forms of advertising are still important. Leaflets, business cards or advertising pins work perfectly in places, where the direct contact with customers occurs.

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Sports medal example

Sports medals are one of the elements that influence the image of organized competitions. A suitable design will not only attract additional competitors who would like to win it but also draw attention of the media and the public. How to design a sports medal which, apart from being a prize for the participants, will also be a signature of the event?

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