Advertising pins

Advertising pins – subtle advertisement for companies

Although modern marketing is what drives the companies more and more often, traditional forms of advertising are still important. Leaflets, business cards or advertising pins work perfectly in places, where the direct contact with customers occurs. At MCC Medals we manufacture custom-made advertising pins, which allows us to keep up to date with trends. We are observing the gadgets market, changing fashions and emerging demand. The experience and knowledge gained allows us to provide advice not only to customers, but also to all those who are interested in advertising pins. In the further part of the text, we have collected information that will make it easier for you to take a decision. Read on.

Advertising pins for companies – what for?

When thinking about the use of advertising pins in the activities of your company, it is worth knowing the answer to this question. Why use pins? What benefits can it bring to my company?

First of all – an advertising pin is a distinctive gadget

By selecting it to display your logo (pins with the logo) or another design associated with your company, you will stand out from the crowd. Think about the last time your business partners gave you gadgets that stuck in your mind? Do you remember another pen with a logo, a notebook or a lighter? If you decide to use pins, you gain a gadget that will attract attention.

Secondly – support for image building

Pins are useful wherever there is direct contact with customers. Stuck in the lapel of the jacket, they will help to display the company’s logo in a discreet but visible and elegant way. They are the next point of contact between customers and the brand, and support its image building.

Third of all – advertising pins are a cheap alternative

When choosing promotional gadgets, one of the criteria is certainly the price. When the budgets for traditional forms of advertising are shrinking, it is important not only that selected products are cheap but also of adequate quality. The advertising pins produced by MCC Medals meet both of these conditions – they are characterized by top quality and competitive price. They are therefore an alternative solution for other gadgets performing the same function – branded costumes, stickers, etc. As you can see the advertising pins is not just another gadget that you can give to customers. It is also a tool to support brand building and an excellent alternative to other forms of promotion. If you are wondering how to use advertising pins in your company’s activities, here are some examples:

Company advertisement

Advertising lapel pin This is the basic function of advertising pins. The companies that want to use pins primarily to promote their image, put their logo on them.


Lapel pins for events Advertising pins can also be a great gadget for all kinds of events – from anniversaries, through various types of rallies, to competitions.


Advertising pins enjoy popularity not only among companies. They are used by various organizations and local governments.

Sport clubs

Advertising pins for sports club Sport clubs also reach for advertising pins. Pin is a gadget that gives fans the opportunity to identify with their favorite club. There are definitely more ways to use lapel pins in the advertising activities of companies and organizations. Our company produces custom-made advertising pins, so we are able to meet all expectations that fit in our production capabilities. If you are looking for pins for your company, click the button below and check out our offer:  
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