Two-piece sports medals – unique solution by MCC Metal Casts

Two-piece sports medals – unique solution by MCC Metal Casts

We know that our customers expect from us project implementations that are characterised by the highest level of quality. This is why at MCC Metal Casts we constantly develop our production techniques. We are also expanding the range of products and available solutions. One of our last proposals is two-piece sports medals. The growing number of sports events means that even the slightest details start to count while organising them. All these details have an influence on whether the event will be successful or not. One of the elements that attracts participants are unique sports medals. As specialists in the field of medals making, we are constantly working to diversify the range of our possibilities. In the case of sports medals, our customers can prepare medals distinguished by unusual shapes, enamelled elements, 2D or 3D technique, personalized ribbon band and other details. One of the solutions we propose is also the Medal Ranks system of overlays put on medals. Thanks to the Medal Ranks, additional information can be included on the medal’s ribbon band – like, for example, the distance, the position taken by competitors, or the discipline.

Two-piece sports medals

Another solution is two-piece sports medal. These are the projects which more and more clients of MCC Metal Casts choose. Their characteristic feature is that they have two casted elements combined together by a clamp. Two-piece medals constitute a perfect choice for organizers who would like to put a lot of information on the design, but at the same time they need the diameter of the main element to be small. In this case, additional information, such as the date of the event, the distance of the run, the name of the discipline, the logotype of the event or the sponsor, may be placed on a tag that is an integral part of the medal.

Swiss Duathlon – project implementation

An example of a two-piece medal is the project we carried out for the Swiss Duathlon Championship. The main part of the Swiss Duathlon medal contains elements related to the event and the organiser’s logotype. An additional element was used to highlight the year in which the event was held. Also, a ribbon band is attached to it. Many years of experience allow us to provide services of the highest quality. Every year we carry out orders for hundreds of customers from around the world. If you are looking for a manufacturer of sports medals, click the button below and see our offer:
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