Commemorative medals

Commemorative medals for special occasions!

Specially commemorative medals may enrich every celebration and make the deserving person feel really special. Everyone who has thought about choosing a unique present for an important person tries to choose a gift that not only will honour this person but also will be a priceless keepsake.

Commemorative medals fulfil these two functions. They are a special gift that combines personal character with a little bit of sophistication. A custom-made medal given in an elegant case will certainly make the receiver feel appreciated and special.


Commemorative medals produced by us are made out of a metal alloy combining zinc and aluminium. As a standard we produce 3 mm thick medals, however we can produce thicker, 6 mm ones, on client’s demand.

Any shape, as well as any graphic design, is available for both one sided and double sided medals. Thanks to this, our commemorative medals have unique and one of a kind shapes. We produce 2D and 3D commemorative bespoke medals and custom medals.

The commemorative medals produced by us have the diameter ranging from 2 cm to 12 cm.

Commemorative medals from manufacturer

We are a production company based in Poland. Our factory localized in central part of Poland is fully equipped and we are able to produce all kind of metal casts. If you are looking for a producer of commemorative medals message us. Use the button below to send a offer request:

Examples of commemorative medals made by our company:

Nearly 500,000

sports and commemorative medals produced in 2017



We offer a wide selection of cases for all of the commemorative medals produced by us. The cases stand out with:

  • manufacturing material: wood, leather, cardboard
  • size: from 2 to 12 cm
  • color: navy blue, cherry red, green and many more

On special requests we are able to adjust the case inlay to fit medals of an irregular shape.

MCC Free Design Service

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We will help you with your medals design


On special request we paint the component parts of medals in any colour. This technique is used to distinguish the most important element of the medal, e.g. colours of national flag. It is a very interesting solution for achieving additional effect of uniqueness. It should be noted that the painted elements cannot be narrower than 1 mm.

Enameled medals by MCC Metal Casts