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Sports medal – how to design a medal for an event?

Sports medals are one of the elements that influence the image of organized competitions. A suitable design will not only attract additional competitors who would like to win it but also draw attention of the media and the public. How to design a sports medal which, apart from being a prize for the participants, will also be a signature of the event? Some event organizers still think that the sports medal does not affect the event’s image and motivation, so they do not pay attention to their appearance and decide to use simple solutions, e.g. using mass-produced medals. The growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, increasing competition in the running industry, and hundreds of events organized each season mean that success is determined not only by the location, distance but also by the whole environment surrounding a given event. Welcome packages for competitors, famous names among the participants, prizes for winners, sports medals awarded at the finish line – all this has an impact on the event’s image and interest among potential participants. As a manufacturer of medals, we prepare projects for hundreds of events taking place in Poland and Europe. We constantly observe the changing trends, very often contributing to their formation, so that we are able to share with you a set of rules that will help you prepare a concept for a unique sports medal for the competitions you organize. Let us begin.

The most important elements of sports medals for competitions

The first thing you have to start with when preparing a design of sports medals for competitions will be two basic information that should appear on every single medal: the date of the event and its name. By placing these elements on your project, you will make sure that the name of the event and the date on which it takes place will be remembered by the participants. This is especially important for cyclical events, which always take place on the same day of a given month. When preparing your design of a sports medal for competitions remember to include the name and date of the event.

A good project consists not only of a name and a date

The name and date of the event are just the basic information that must be included on your medal. However, they do not affect its attractiveness, so apart from them, your medal should contain other distinctive elements. The first one is the logo of your event, which will also help you to strengthen the image of the event. When creating a design of a medal, consider how to incorporate your logo into it. An alternative in the absence of a logo is the coat of arms of the cities where the events are organised. Another element that will influence the attractive appearance of your medal is a theme referring to the theme of your event. When organizing a running competition, think about adding an image of a runner, in the case of a strength competition – bars, weights, bodybuilder – etc. The shape of sports medals also influences their attractive appearance. It may depend on two factors mentioned above, i.e. it may take the form of your logo or motifs referring to the theme of your event. Your sports medal can have any other shape, in which will be incorporated all of the elements. Current trends are to order medals in the shape of logotypes of events or theme motifs. The medals in classic shapes – circles or rectangles – also have a strong position.

Additional elements of medal design projects

You need to know that the above-mentioned elements, which should be included in the project, will allow you to prepare a medal that will surely attract attention – will be transparent and unique. If the project is limited to them only, there will still be some space for additional elements. We know that very often it would be impossible to organize a run or other sporting event without the support of the sponsors. Therefore, you can also include the logotypes of the main sponsor or sponsors in your design of a medal, if you consider it appropriate. If there is enough space on the medal, you can also try to add additional information about the event to the design, like running distance, age category, edition, etc.

Don’t forget about a sash!

What distinguishes sports medals for events from other medals, such as commemorative medals is a sash, thanks to which the medals can be proudly hung on participants’ necks. When creating a medal design for your event remember to include a sash. A sash may also be a good fit for you if you do not want to place additional elements, such as sponsors’ logos or other information about the event, on a sports medal project. All of them can be placed on a sash. We hope that with this short guide we will help you to turn your medal into a signature of your event. As a manufacturer of medals, our company is able to produce customized medals prepared according to your design. If you don’t have a design of a medal, our graphic artists will be happy to create a design that meets all your requirements, according to current trends. If you are looking for a medal manufacturer, please use the button below to find out more about our sports medals on request. Click to see the offer:  
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