We grant 12 months of warranty for our products

The cast products offered by us are made from a zinc and aluminum alloy known as ZAMAK. Apart from the high quality metal alloy the durability of our medals, coins, pendants pins or statues is also guaranteed by using a galvanic coating. Thanks to high quality galvanic coatings, our products do not corrode and are resistant to abrasions.

An additional advantage of our products is the fact that each one undergoes processing by hand. Our employees work with passion and extraordinary care for each detail. In order to be sure that the order has been executed with the highest possible quality standards, we carefully check each cast before sending it to the client.

We own a developed machine park, allowing us to execute the entire production process in our factory in Łódź. Thanks to this, we have full control over the casts manufactured by us.

We grant 12 months of warranty for our products. The warranty includes the galvanic coating, enameled elements and cases. The warranty does not cover damages being the result of mechanical damages.

Due to the specific of applying the galvanic coating, the MCC Bartłomiej Pakuła company can not guarantee achieving identical colors of the galvanic coatings for cast batches manufactured within differed time periods, for example when the client decides to order additional products after a few weeks.

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